Viewing Pontoon


“Want to come over to my place?”

“C’mon little buddies and big ones too – we’re gonna have some fishy fun!”

It’s not far – just four nautical miles off Port Lincoln. And it’s like the biggest, fully-enclosed saltwater swimming pool you’ve ever seen.

Home to a fish-tropolis of fin-tastic fish including 60 southern bluefin tuna, plus tons of locals including, silver trevally, salmon, morwong, snapper and more.

  • Hang on tight as our super-fast catamaran zooms to our ocean-based Tuna Pontoon.
  • Meet my mates – grab a wetsuit and jump in for a swim with the friendliest tuna you’ll ever meet.
  • Get like a fish out of water and see the awesome view from our underwater observatory.
  • Check out the displays on important stuff like marine conservation.
  • Chill out in the shade with a fish-fabulous drink or snack from our Divers Deli.
  • And stock up on cool souvenirs.
  • Enjoy a drink from our licensed bar.
  • As an added bonus you will enjoy an informative cruise of Boston Bay prior to returning to the Marina.

We also have the first floating post office in South Australia – a great place to drop someone a line!

It’s fin-tastic fun for any age – fishy friends in prams!

This is the latest in adventure fun!

See more shots in our picture gallery.